About Us

Village Ten Collective is an artists collective. Village because we dig villages, Ten because we started with ten people, and Collective because “Super-Friends” didn’t fit in the logo.

We are not a record label, but neither are we independent artists – we fit somewhere in between, nicely cradled in that grey area, a place where we have some of our needs met that a label provides while maintaining the flexibility and freedom of being independent. Our dear friend Ashley Mae said it best, “The collective is a grassroots operation to create and promote good music which inspires us to love our own human story.”

We Wanna Hear From You!

Say Anything

Perhaps you’ve had one of our songs stuck in your head for weeks and need to tell someone – tell us! Or maybe you want to share a song your cat just sang – it doesn’t matter – we want to hear it!

Want to Book Cameron?

Are you a touring band, or a venue and would like to book one of our bands? Send us a message and we’ll put in a good word Village Ten artists are always excited about ideas for performances.

Want To Use Our Music?

Are you making the best independent film ever and need sweet music to grace the kissing scene? Let us know which song you’d like to use, and we’ll get you in touch with the artist. Depending on your size and status as a media producer, we’ll often give you the rights for free.

Are you with an established firm and looking for sync rights? Let us know your needs and we’ll work together. Some of our artists are represented by established syncing firms, others will work directly with your music supervisors. Either way, our music will be in your production!

Want To Share Your Music?

Send us a link to your music – we’d love to hear it! Although – and we say this with much love – we aren’t looking to ‘sign’ any artists. We’re simply an artist collective, not a label. Nevertheless, we get sent music from many artists that we have gone on to play shows with and formed great friendships!