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Upcoming Release from Adam and Darcie, Early in the Morning on March 3rd

Early in the Morning[fb_like]

There are a lot of things you can say about Adam and Darcie. You can say that theyre the musical equivalent of a tree swing in early summer. But you cant say that theyre idle. Adam and Darcie are constantly writing, recording, and collaborating with many fellow musicians and for various projects. In their wake are a host of recordings that may have gone somewhat unnoticed as a whole. That is until now.

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The Very Most join the Village Ten Collective!

The Very Most[fb_like]

Its unanimous among the collective that The Very Most is by far our favorite Northwest band. Not only is their music originally fantastic, but theyre some of nicest folks around. Needless to say, were pleased as pumpkin pie to welcome the gentlefolks from Boise as the newest members of the Village Ten family!

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